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Vipassana Meditation

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Vipassanā Meditation: Guided Meditation for Beginners; Meditate daily

Plus, it puts you in touch with the true nature of your own reality. When you are just starting to learn how to do Vipassana meditation technique, you may be surprised by what you observe in your own mind. Continue observing phenomena as you continue your day. For instance, if you are going for a walk, walk in Zen fashion, being mindfully aware of the process of moving. Continual practice of Vipassana meditation technique will lead you to deep insight into the true nature of reality.

Ultimately, it is a big step on the path to enlightenment. Originally, Vipassana meditation technique began back in the 6 th Century. Meditation was developing quickly, and many new techniques were created. This era saw the matchless reign of the great Emperor Asoka BCE who united India and initiated a golden age of peace and prosperity. Asoka also sent ambassadors of Dhamma to all the neighbouring kingdoms including what has become Myanmar in modern times , thereby spreading both the practice and the words of the Buddha.

The practice has advanced over the years. The style that is popular today is based on teachings from the s when Theravada Buddhism went through a great rejuvenation. There has been a lineage through which the method has been taught. Currently one of the leading teachers is Mr S. Goenka, who was taught by Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Goenka teaches ten-day Vipassana retreats that require dedication and commitment.

Vipassana continues to evolve. It is now one of the most popular meditation techniques in the world. And more people are learning it every day. You will need to understand the difference between Vipassana and Samatha, the two main Buddhist techniques. Vipassana is about perceiving reality clearly via the senses. Conversely, Buddhist monk Bhante Henepola Gunaratana says that Samatha is about focusing the mind on one thing to produce inner stillness. So, the difference is that Vipassana is sensory perception, and Samatha is concentration.

Interestingly, the Pali Canon Buddhist text never mentions Vipassana as a type of meditation. Instead, it refers to Vipassana as a quality of mind. When you practice Vipassana meditation technique you are training in perception. Plus, you are enhancing the mind-body connection. When you practice Vipassana meditation you are creating insight into true reality. In other words, we see things as their sensory experience. I personally like the explanation given by Henepola Gunaratana. Think about it like this. At any given time, you have different thoughts, sensations, and feelings flowing through your mind.

However, most of the time, you are likely too distracted to perceive these thoughts clearly. And so, they go on while you are largely unconscious of them. Vipassana meditation enables us to see thoughts, sensations, and feelings for what they are, for their sensory experiences. This gives us power over them, so we are less reactive, less emotional, and more in control. The method is currently in vogue, riding on the back of the mindfulness movement. Stress Health. Epub Feb PMID: Sci Rep 9, Lardone, A. Neural plasticity, , Mindfulness-based treatment of addiction: current state of the field and envisioning the next wave of research.

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. I can't sufficiently express my appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful resource you offer. The content was immediately engaging, and was throughout delivered with clarity and thoughtful care. Perhaps I can best express feedback in terms of how differently things feel having completed the course.

The words that pop up are refreshment, reinvigorated, revival; joyful reconnection and commitment. Thank you. This course showed me many beautiful aspects of meditation which I have read before but not experienced. My sincere thanks to you and all people working for this online course. This is great help to people who cannot go physically to Ashrams to attend and practice. And found it to be a great introduction to various meditation techniques. Not being in a retreat but living in normal circumstances while practicing the exercises has enabled me to more and more notice phenomena arising in particular situations and I indeed started to learn and observe how suffering is created in everyday life situations and what suffering feels like.

A bit like 'training on the job. Although I've previously used Vipassana meditation, this course really brought it together for me. All in all the package was complete, precise and well crafted for the development of mind. Thank you, with your help I began the journey. And hope, will continue till the end. Am determined more than ever to continue my practice and perpetual exploration. Thanks for taking us through this journey.

Although I've done a few of those 10 day courses, this online course taught me new techniques that I find helpful. I also enjoyed the readings and found Andrew's style of writing to be very pleasing to read. He doesn't shove the text down one's throat. Instead, he imparts the information in a way which is easy to read and leaves the reader feeling at ease - as though this is really doable if only one approaches it with a relaxed and calm attitude. Thanks Andrew! I hope we meet someday! Like a guided stroll through a wondrous rainforest. Rough terrain and stormy weather were dealt with gently but profoundly.

Beauty was to be rejoiced in. Student discussion was fun and educative. Both my meditation practise and my Buddhism grew exponentially.

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