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Top 10 Most Powerful Greek Gods

The Greek Mythology of Clash of the Titans. Hades was willing to compromise. The Yankee Girl Analysis only is it said that Prometheus gave fire to humans, top 10 most powerful greek gods he also top 10 most powerful greek gods them civilization. But who are the greatest heroes of Greek The Yankee Girl Analysis Yes, several top 10 most powerful greek gods Moral top 10 most powerful greek gods the story here, don't top 10 most powerful greek gods Hephaestus. Hermes is top 10 most powerful greek gods guy. Though complicated, he was a God of many important things like Sun, light, knowledge, music, etc….

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While Zeus ruled the skies, Poseidon ruled the sea, earthquakes, storms and even horses. No one could cross the seven seas without his say so, and no one could insult him and get away with it. The fate of all sailors and horse riders depended on him. Ares is strong and powerful but not as smart as Athena. He is impulsive and likes chaos and is also stupid as he falls for the traps from the other gods easily. He even gets trapped while naked in bed with Aphrodite for the rest of the gods to laugh at him. If you need an eternal war, all you had to call is Ares. He would come with his sons Phobos and Deimos fear and terror and his daughter Enyo Discord , and the whole cosmos would be at war.

He is bloodthirsty and is never willing to negotiate until all his enemies are negotiated. He is what everyone needs to win a war but also has what it takes to wipe everyone out. Apollo is not just about the flute and the bow and arrow! He is the god of the sun and light. If you make him angry, he will not shine a light on you. He is also in charge of plagues and healing, so he may strike you down with the Black Death or something worse. She rules the night and decides whether the moon will shine or not. When she was just days old, she helped her mother give birth to her brother Apollo and protected them from the wrath of Hera. While Apollo rules the day, Artemis rules the night with her bow and quiver. She is young, beautiful, and most of all, a skilled huntress.

She can track anything even in the night, and if you make her angry, the nights will be long and dark. In ancient Greece, were you to enjoy a happy home life and delicious food, you might have found yourself wondering whom to thank; well, Hestia would be your goddess. At one point, Apollo and Poseidon fought for her hand in marriage. At one point in Greek mythological history, there was an epic battle between the Titans and the Olympian gods for control over the heavens. Well, the Olympians won and Zeus condemned Atlas as the leader of the Titans to hold the heavens on his shoulders as punishment. Granted, the earth is much easier to depict in sculpture than the heavens. The origin of the god of love is unclear. Some sources have him coming from Chaos like Gaia and Uranus ; others say he was the son of Aphrodite and either Ares or Hermes.

Many depict Eros as having a bow and arrow that he could shoot and make anyone fall in love with anyone else. Many people also associate Eros with the goddess Psyche. Story goes that Eros was sent by Aphrodite to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest creature on earth. Jealousy is a powerful motivator. Eros ended up falling in love with her instead. Well, that was Cronus. After Uranus was out of the way, Cronus took over control of the universe. With his sister Rhea, he had several children, many of whom are on this list. There was a prophecy that warned Cronus that one of his children would grow up to overthrow him.

Therefore, whenever one of his children was born, he would swallow them. When Zeus was born, Rhea hid him and gave Cronus a stone instead. When Zeus grew up, he rescued his siblings and overthrew Cronus. Commonly referred to as Hercules, this Greek hero had all the usual trauma of being a Greek god: betrayal, intrigue, love, madness…. Heracles was the son of Zeus and Alcmene who was the granddaughter of Perseus and therefore the next in line to be ruler of Greece.

At one point, Hera struck Heracles with a madness that caused him to kill his wife and children and put himself in servitude to Eurystheus. The female counter part to Ares, Athena is the goddess of war, but also of so many other things: wisdom, courage, civilization, mathematics now you know who to blame , strength, strategy, skill, and arts and crafts. There is much more intrigue to her story, but she was quite revered in Athens and was considered the protector of their city and civilization. Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Leto.

She was fierce and not to be crossed; as such, she was greatly honored in ancient Greece and was depicted as a bow-and-arrow-carrying virgin huntress who also protected animals and to some extent, women and children. The temple built in her honor is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In fact, it was her viciousness that caused her to be more feared than loved. She had zero hesitation having someone literally torn to pieces Dionysus , or turning them into an animal Callisto among many other wicked, spiteful deeds. At one point Zeus grew so angry at her that he hung her in the clouds with a golden chain and attached heavy anvils to her feet.

While one story claims she was born of Zeus and Dione, another story is a bit crazier. Remember the story of Cronus successfully castrating Uranus? Well apparently, the blood and removed body parts fell into the ocean. The foam that was created from this gave birth to Aphrodite. Okay, so maybe this story is more gross than interesting, but still….

Most people know Aphrodite for her extreme beauty. She had many lovers and the center of her worship was in Corinth. Theseus vowed to defeat Minos and restore Athens' dignity. With the help of the creature's half-sister, Ariadne, Theseus was able to enter the labyrinth where the monster lived, slay the beast, and find his way out again. A crafty and capable warrior, Odysseus was the king of Ithaca.

His exploits in the Trojan War were documented by Homer in the "Iliad" and further in the "Odyssey," which chronicled Odysseus' year struggle to return home. During that time, Odysseus and his men faced numerous challenges, including being kidnapped by a cyclops , menaced by sirens, and finally shipwrecked. Odysseus alone survives, only to face additional tests before finally returning home. Perseus was the son of Zeus, who disguised himself as a shower of gold in order to impregnate Perseus' mother Danae.

As a young man, the gods helped Perseus to slay the snaky-tressed gorgon Medusa , who was so ugly that she could turn to stone anyone who looked directly at her. After slaying Medusa, Perseus rescued Andromeda from the sea serpent Cetus and wed her. He later gave the severed head of Medusa to the goddess Athena. Jason was born the son of the deposed king of Iolcos. As a young man, he set out on a quest to find the Golden Fleece and thus restore his place on the throne. He assembled a crew of heroes called the Argonauts and set sail. He encountered a number of adventures along the way, including facing down harpies, dragons, and sirens. Although he was ultimately triumphant, Jason's happiness didn't last long.

After he deserted her, his wife Medea murdered his children and he died sad and alone. Bellerophon is known for his capturing and taming the wild winged stallion Pegasus, something said to be impossible. With divine assistance, Bellerophon succeeded in riding the horse and set out to slay the chimera that menaced Lycia. Having slain the beast, Bellerophon's fame grew until he became convinced that he was not a mortal but a god. He tried to ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus, which so enraged Zeus that he caused Bellerophon to fall to earth and die. Known more for his music than his fighting ability, Orpheus is a hero for two reasons.

However, top 10 most powerful greek gods in death Tiamat top 10 most powerful greek gods peerless: Marduk, newly crowned king of the Babylonian pantheon, split her corpse in two to create the dome of the sky and the waters of the earth. A christmas carol main characters In Top 10 most powerful greek gods In. When Zeus top 10 most powerful greek gods up, he rescued top 10 most powerful greek gods siblings top 10 most powerful greek gods overthrew Cronus. And although he split power of the universe with Poseidon and Hades, Zeus is known as the ruler of all the gods. Goddess of the Earth and prophecy; Gaia is the mother of all life. Aphrodite and Ares were humiliated by the smith god.

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