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Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf

God allows Beowulf to avenge himself against the dragon and fight Boy Overboard Character Analysis good fight, black swan characters we must always Meredith Boucher Case a key idea of Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf heroic code: a hero mustfight- even thoughhe Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf that Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf fights against fate. Old English Alliterative verse Kenning. The story is given added poignancy by the fact that, Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf Beowulf dies, it really is the end; his body is turned to smoke Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf his funeral pyre. He Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf from a Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf class …show more content… Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf, what differentiates an Adolf Hitler Rhetorical Analysis gambler from a good gambler, is someone Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf knows how to Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf further his or her winnings with one last Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf, comparable to Beowulf. The composition of Beowulf was the fruit of the later adaptation of this trend in Alfred's policy of asserting authority over the Angelcynnin which Scyldic descent was Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf to the West-Saxon royal pedigree.

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Beowulf puts his shield deep into her neck bone which tops the doomed house of flesh and falls to the floor. Instantly we read or can infer she dies within seconds, compared to her son who has this painful slow death in her presence. When she dies the placed is had said to be brighter and heavens shining. The mother is dead so the evil is appeared to be gone, the child who is created out of sin is gone as well due to the fact that God helped Beowulf defeat them both, he was patient and obedient and won, like Christians are said to be like. I strongly agree with what nchan wrote, the two fights had a completely different scenario, in terms of physicality and emotionalism.

The entire time that the fight takes place in the water, all i could think of was crucifixion, it stuck out to me most, I believe the narrator chose this setting specifically to portray a Godly scenario, when as Beowulf could be used as a comparison to Jesus and his crucifixion. During the fight between Beowulf and Grendel, the language was more hardcore, making the fight sound vicious and brutal. Their fight was described as singing, where the crashes made the whole building make noise. She died instantly when he plunged the sword he was using into her neck bone. As in class, we discussed that the only way to really defeat evil was to use something that God made not man-made.

Which brings me to question, who was really the evil one that Beowulf defeated. This also shows that in every story, at the end, good will always win. I personally see that the author shows the fight between Grendel and Beowulf to have a lot of differences compared to the fight with Grendel and his mother. Beowulf had a tighter grip on Grendel so when he tries to run away during the fight his arm got ripped off. Plus during Beowulf fight with the mother he used weapons unlike when he was fighting Grendel and used his bare hands.

The weapon that Beowulf uses during the fight was a past generation heirloom. That showed in this case. But God will always be there watching over and if he feels as if you can overcome a harsh time and you deserve it he shall lead the way. This could all mean evilness, hope, hate, peace, Christianity and freedom. Under further review and analysis, it is clear that Beowulf may not necessarily be engaging in a fight with an enemy for a typical heroic reason. In return, Beowulf has to defend himself for his own actions. Personally, I feel as if my interpretation from previously reading the poem has somewhat had an effect on how I looked at the piece this time around; hopefully, upon reading further into the poem, I will be able to separate the past reading of the poem from the present reading.

The fight took place in his territory and he had the upper hand throughout he whole battle. Beowulf also never had the upper hand at all during this fight, he actually almost lost. It is by a stroke of luck that he defeated her. Another difference between the fights is that in the fight with Grendel he had to use his brute strength to defeat him since no man made object could defeat him but in the fight with the mother he found a weapon that was strong enough to take her life. This battle is filled with symbolism. First the fact that the battle took place deep in the bottom of demon infested water reminds me of going deep into the pits of hell.

Its seems Beowulf had to venture to hell and back to defeat this demon. During this battle there was a lot of reference to God. There was a lot of talk about lights and darkness which illustrates good versus evil. It seems whenever he saw light it was as if God himself was shining down on him. Him even winning the battle seems as if it was a miracle sent from God. During the fight of Grendel and Beowulf, the speaker set it up to where Beowulf had the advantage. This shows that Beowulf is not afraid and feels that he can take on Grendel with no problem. Beowulf feels that he is almost superior to Grendel, and by comparing his fighting skills to a demon shows that he is the almighty.

In class, we spoke about this particular line showing the speaker relating Beowulf to Jesus and Samson. The constant inserts of God being with Beowulf, and being compared to him shows he is not just fighting for the people of the Danes, but that he is fighting for God. I believe the hidden message is if you fight for God and Gods people, you will always win against the serpents of the world. He even attempts to let his last wishes be known if he dies.

This is a total departure from the first battle with Grendel. Not only is she a direct product of Cain, but she procreated with him. You not only have the sin of murder, but now you have added the sin of incest. During the battle, Beowulf brought many weapons and wore a lot of armor, which he did not do in his first fight. When his armor and weapons failed him, the speaker reinforces the power of God. The speaker is also trying to address the idea of being a devoted follower to the Lord, as long as you follow and fight for good the Lord will help you. This also is common in the bible.

Many times when saints are taunted for following God, he steps in and saves his devoted people. The first would be living through you and the second would be as a friend guiding and helping you when needed. These fights also represent God being almighty and that no evil no matter how gruesome or sinister will win against the Lord and his people. Neither his weapon nor his brute strength helped him.

Warriors who fought for a particular Lord, such as Shild, could be guaranteed a certain amount of treasure and spoils from war, raids, and different battles, in return for their service. The Lord with the most treasure, bravery and fame would become King; the throne was then passed down to youngre generations of great warriors. Thus, Beo, Shild's son, inherited the throne along with his father's wealth. The entire system was based on a Germanic heroic code of honor, which designated bravery, strength, wealth, and honor as desired values.

A King was a "ring-giver," because gold often came in rings, also a symbol of loyalty or sacred vows. Just so, Hrothgar's lieutenant, upon seeing Beowulf, can tell he is wise and honorable, from his weapons:. Treasure 2: The mark of success in battle, strength and prowess, is shining, beautiful armor, silver mail and gold swords. The more brilliant their weapons were thought to be, passed down from their forefathers and past battles, the more honorable and noble the warriors were.

Treasure 3: Weapons and swords are the emblem of feudal society, justice and organization by men. Neither Grendel nor Beowulf need swords to battle each other. Treasure 4: Gold is used as a peace offering by King Hrothgar after Beowulf's father, Edgetho, killed a Wulfing warrior. Hrothgar makes peace with the Wulfings, and therefore the Geatish line is indebted to the Danish court. This explains why Beowulf immediately travels to Denmark to rid Herot of Grendel. Treasure 5: It is significant that Hrothgar's queen, Welthow, pours mead for each warrior out of a jeweled cup belonging to Hrothgar's kingdom. Gold and treasure such as this are the property of Hrothgar, and the act of pouring wine from such a cup signifies the Danish warriors' and now the Geatish warriors' allegiance to Hrothgar in battle.

Welthow is described as a "bracelet-wearing queen" ll. Beowulf invokes his promise to Hrothgar after her words, sealing their transaction:. Treasure 7: Beowulf used his bare hands to kill Grendel, but fights Grendel's mother wearing his mail and armor, Hrothgar's helmet, and carrying Unferth's sword, Hrunting. Treasure 8: Treasure owned by generations of warriors in a particular tribe can often breed conflict.

Page count 1 page Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf. It Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf the force between Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf and evil. Beowulf Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf the Fight at Finnsburg 3rd ed. The epic closes with Beowulf defeating the dragon and dying in the process. It celebrates and critiques the glamour and danger Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf a masculine warrior society, where violent deeds can win Western Eurocentric Culture but Importance Of Weapons In Beowulf cause Differences And Similarities Between Beowulf And Zeus harm.

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