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Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality

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Carl Jung Talk - The World Within. The Power Of Imagination.

They prefer interacting with the outer world by talking, actively participating, being sociable, expressive, and having a variety of interests. Jung also identified two other dimensions of personality: Intuition - Sensing and Thinking - Feeling. Sensing types tend to focus on the reality of present situations, pay close attention to detail, and are concerned with practicalities. Intuitive types focus on envisioning a wide range of possibilities to a situation and favor ideas, concepts, and theories over data. Thinking types use objective and logical reasoning in making their decisions, are more likely to analyze stimuli in a logical and detached manner, be more emotionally stable, and score higher on intelligence.

Feeling types make judgments based on subjective and personal values. In interpersonal decision-making, feeling types tend to emphasize compromise to ensure a beneficial solution for everyone. They also tend to be somewhat more neurotic than thinking types. The worrier's tendency to experience a fearful affect, could be manifested in Jung's feeling type. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the generic aspects of type indicator theory. For the book by Jung, see Psychological Types. Further information: Table of similar systems of comparison of temperaments. Psychology , 8th edition. Brent; Robins, Richard W. Social and Personality Psychology Compass. ISSN Nature Human Behaviour. PMID S2CID Retrieved 30 July Character and Personality Types.

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Int J Psychol. Learning style and personality type. Percept Mot Skills. Jungian Learning Styles. Extraverted Learning Style. Introverted Learning Style. Sensing Learning Style. Intuitive Learning Style. Thinking Learning Style. Feeling Learning Style. While that seems like a lot… it certainly increases the validity and reliability of the test for providing a well-rounded analysis of your personality.

This test unfortunately is not free online but if you ever get the chance to take it or are willing to pay for it, it will be well worth it. While the pros list can go on and on, we decided to stick to 5 key reasons why taking a personality test can be beneficial for you. By physically taking time out of your day to respond to a series of questions or perform various other tests, you must reflect honestly on who you are as a person and answer the questions as true as they relate to you. You are given the opportunity to understand more fully your goals, aspirations, beliefs, values, and so on.

Knowing such things about your self allows you to be aware of who you are and how you may come off to other people. By seeing the results of your test, you may see some results that make you unhappy or even shocked. Knowing that your personality may be shifted more to one way than another allows for improvement. By understanding that you are for example, more of an introverted person, you can utilize tools and practices to maybe break out of your shell more and interact with people. Or say you tend to be irritated more easily, knowing this and trying to manage it can certainly improve daily interactions as well as more serious relationships. By understanding what makes you tick as well as certain skills that you are exceptionally great at, you can set and identify meaningful, reachable goals.

Often times these tests can be used for upcoming college kids for what they want to study in school or even those looking for a future career. Personality psychology can be dated as far back as Ancient Greece where prominent philosophers began challenging the minds of the greatest thinkers at the time to discover the answer to a not so simple question what is it that makes us us? So, these findings led to the conclusion that you could be considered as such based on your temperament…. Kant was a German Philosopher known for being very influential during the Age of Enlightenment In other words, you could only be described as having one of these chloric, melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic versus being a combination of one or more.

Kant developed a list of descriptive personality traits aligned to each of the four temperaments see below. William Wundt became one of the first people to separate psychology from philosophy and biology creating the distinction from the human body to his theories on human personality. He would test and analyze how people responded to certain images, events, stimuli and so on as well as how long it took to respond the longer it took to respond equaled the more mental processes involved. Lastly, he developed a process known as introspection which refers to how the individual came to the conclusion that they did, or the nature of the process used. The founder of the psychodynamic approach is none other than Sigmund Freud, arguably one of the most famous names in psychology.

Sigmund Freud argued that people were driven by innate needs. This approach has influenced and led to one of the most drastic ways that people view personality types. Freud believed the mind had three unique and different consciousness. Please refer to the picture below for further explanation. Source: historicair [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Carl Jung is known for being extremely influential in the realm of actual personality testing, a subject in which will be the main focus of this article.

Jung believed there to be four key personality preference descriptors in which influence an individual: sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling. These archetypes provide a model for we behave and act the way we do. Doing such will lead to spiritual development and a fulfilled life. Please refer to the image below and the description below to understand the four Jungian archetypes better. We covered a lot of information. From the beginning of personality testing to the theories that changed the way psychology would be studied in modern times, a lot of ground was covered. It is hoped that you can see the endless possibilities of benefits that you can gain from these tests.

Knowing who you are and how you appear to others can be one of the greatest self-awareness tools you can have. We encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to take some of the tests we discussed above. Many of these sites provide an in-depth description of your results that you can hang onto for future reference. We encourage you not to box yourself into just one personality or become hooked on one result because many times your personality is a mixture of many personalities. We hope this article was useful to you and hopefully you can learn something new about yourself!

Why should I take a personality test? There are many reasons to take a personality test. One reason is that a personality test will allow you some time for self-reflection. Another reason to take a personality test is the opportunity for self-improvement.

In Midnight SunWomen In Geoffrey Chaucers The Canterbury Tales Meyer transports us back to a world that has captivated millions of readers and brings us an epic novel about Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality profound pleasures Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality devastating consequences of immortal love. Digging graves had not been part of my plans when I woke Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality that morning. Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality also draws an interesting parallel between alchemy and transference between patient and therapist. The eventual encounter with the shadow Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality a central part Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality the process of individuation. Try a free personality test to see where you stand. Lo Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality argomento in dettaglio: Reflection On Carl Jungs Personality.

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